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Deadly Snares are Killing Off Africa's Wildlife

Poaching for the commercial bush meat trade may be the single greatest threat to wildlife populations in Africa. The most common method used by poachers to kill wildlife is wire snares. Placed on game trails, animals walk through the snares, which then pull tight around their necks or legs, causing strangulation and/or horrific wounds. Animals caught in snares suffer slow, painful deaths. Small animals such as porcupines and dik-diks as well as larger animals such as lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants are caught in snares everyday.

Located in Kenya, Wildlife Works employs highly skilled rangers to locate and destroy snares located within the Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary. Encompassing 80,000 acres, the Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 50 large mammal species, more than 20 species of bats and over 300 species of birds and important populations of IUCN Red List species such as African elephants, Grevy's zebras, cheetah and African hunting dogs. In order to protect the wildlife in Rukinga, rangers are needed to patrol the land and remove the thousands of snares that are placed inside the sanctuary every year.

You can help. Only $7.00 covers a local ranger's pay for one day.

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