Project Wildcat: Predator Protection in Mexico


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Help create a 35,000 acre wildlife corridor for jaguars, ocelots, mountain lions, and more.



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There are only an estimated 80 jaguars left in Northern Sonora, Mexico. This endangered population is the last hope for the species' reintroduction into the US.

Due to a decrease of inhabitable land, jaguars, ocelots, and other predators have resorted to attacking and eating local livestock to survive. Over the past three years, 8% of Sonora's jaguar population have been killed by ranchers who felt threatened by the natural predators. At this rate, the Sonoran jaguar population could be wiped out in just a few decades. We need your help to make sure that doesn't happen.

In order to save these majestic cats, is working with Primero Conservation to double the size of their 35,000-acre wildlife corridor strategically located just north of the existing Northern Jaguar Reserve in Sonora. We are working with the landowners of six connected and contiguous ranches who are agreeing to refrain from killing jaguars and other predators in exchange for training, supplies, and equipment to protect their cattle. Your donation would help us by offsetting cattle deaths with these incentives. Then these ranchers can no longer justify killing jaguars and other predators like mountain lions, ocelots, and bears. Join us to defend these incredible animals.

You can help! For just $7.20 you can protect 5 acres of land for these jaguars.

Update from the Field

Jaguar sightings in Sonora!

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August 2016

In addition to the multiple species and jaguar sighting in February, a photo was captured of a female jaguar and her young! This gives us tremendous hope for the future and survival of the species all together. With your help, we can continue these efforts and protect these beautiful cats.


February 2016

In May 2015, began the Predator Conservation Program to protect predators in the Sky Islands Region in Sonora, Mexico. In November, ranchers signed conservation agreements to set up wildlife cameras in prime habitats of northern Mexico to document unique wildlife. After two months, Tom Van Devender—director of's Biodiversity Programs—had the opportunity to see the images.

Nineteen species of mammals and four birds passed in front of the camera in two months—including one special creature. Panthera onca, or more commonly known as the Jaguar, was spotted on two cameras! This is a huge breakthrough for's Madrean Discovery Expeditions. Thanks to your help, we're getting a much clearer picture of the diverse wildlife found in the Sonoran Sky Islands. Please continue to support Project Wildcat!


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