Medical Care and Adoption for Kathmandu's Street Dogs


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The streets of Kathmandu, Nepal are overrun with homeless dogs. Help us provide these dogs with the food and urgent medical care they need.


Jenny the Dog

Meet Jenny. When Jenny was rescued she was near death, suffering from a large cut across her body which had become infested with parasites. She needed intensive care and daily blood transfusions, but her rescuers wouldn't give up on her. Now Jenny is fully recovered and waiting at the shelter to be adopted.

Stories like Jenny's are all too common. The countless street dogs of Kathmandu suffer starvation and mistreatment every day. But Sneha's Care Shelter is helping to turn this dire situation around. partners with Sneha's Care to help street dogs get medical care. With the help of their dog ambulance, doctors at Sneha’s Care are able to quickly tend to dogs in need: treating minor injuries, performing spay/neuter surgeries to curb overpopulation, and providing emergency care to dogs who have been hit by cars and left to die. Once recovered, the dogs are cared for at the shelter until they find forever homes.

Although their lives have much improved, many rescued dogs at Sneha’s Care Shelter have been left paralyzed by their injuries and rely on wheelchairs to get around. Sadly, the shelter doesn’t have enough wheelchairs to take all the dogs out at once, leaving many to wait hours for this bright spot in their day.

You can help. Your gift helps fund the rescue and crucial care for these dogs, so they can eat, walk, and find loving forever homes.

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