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"Wake up from your sleep . . . Get up from your slumber . . . Search for your behavior. Become the best person you can. Remember God, the One Who created you." - Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:4

Mentioned throughout Hebrew sacred literature, the shofar horn is an ancient artifact of faith particularly important to Rosh Hashanah (the "Day of the Shofar Blast.") The shofar is also used to announce the new year and the new moon, to introduce Shabbat, and to mark the end of the fast of Yom Kippur.

Our beautifully handmade Israeli shofarot are kosher, made from the horns of rams. The horns are heated, smoothed, and hollowed but left unpainted in accordance with Talmudic law.

  • Ram horn
  • Certified kosher
  • Measured along the outside curve
  • Handmade in Israel

As this product is made of natural material, horns vary in color, size, and shape.

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