Provide Clean Water To Those in Desperate Need

Provide Clean Water To Those in Desperate Need

Filtered Water Bottle Deluxe Clean Water Pack Platinum Clean Water Kit

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Millions of people, around the world, are living with less-than healthy water supply, including low income areas with poor access to clean water sources, regions impacted by a natural disaster, and communities caught in an ongoing water crisis, such as what is happening in Flint, Michigan. Clean water is not a luxury, but a basic essential that no one should have to struggle to find. Join the effort to spread clean water around the world. 

Contaminated water affects millions of people and can cause great harm to those that have to drink it to survive. Water that is left unfiltered can carry diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Around one million people, from all over the world, die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases due to unclean water. Not only do we need clean water for drinking, but it is essential for washing hands, brushing teeth, bathing, washing & rinsing food items, cooking, cleaning, and for our pets to drink. Contaminated water leaves behind bacteria that is harmful for people and pets alike, resulting in sickness, life-long illness, or even death. 

Unclean water not only affects distant places, but within the United States as well. Many states and parts of the United States are supplied with unsafe and hazardous water. A few to name are Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, Washington, New Jersey, Ohio and Arizona. Arizona, in fact, has a known toxin in their tap water, chromium-6, along with other horrible substances that are known to cause cancer and developmental issues. Old pipes, chemicals, pollutants also cause contaminated water in these areas of the United States. Some of the biggest cities have trouble providing clean tap water such as Reno, Milwaukee, and Washington DC. Some of the worst areas are Native American Reservations where drinking water has been exposed to harmful toxins and pollution. We are committed to aiding the Navajo Nation and the Tohono O'odham Nation so they do not have to worry about the water they are consuming.

Families, individuals, pets and kids should not have to wonder if their water is clean enough to drink so they don't get sick. Show those in need that we will not stand by but will take action and help them get clean water.

Provide tools to communities, schools, families and individuals that are in desperate need of clean water. You can help by providing some of the items below.

  • A filtered water bottle that reduces chlorine, heavy metals, & sediment. This water bottle also filters out 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses and protozoa that might be in the water. This water bottle is designed to be used again and again, filtering up to 40-50 gallons of water.
  • A deluxe pack includes a water tester and faucet water filter. The stainless steel faucet water filter will reduce energy costs and water consumption by more than 50%, it also has a built-in dirt strainer that captures sand and dirt particles and can fit a variety of sinks. A TDS meter is also included which measures total dissolved solids in the water. It includes a backlight for better reading of results, it also offers other modes also show the water's temperature.
  • A platinum pack includes a filtered water bottle, a TDS tester and a water pitcher that filters. The Cleansui micro-filtration pitcher will filter lasts 3 months before it needs replacing and has activated carbon to help filter water.

Help prevent sickness and death by providing clean water to those in desperate need!


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  • GreaterGood is proud to help provide this opportunity to provide clean water to those in need. We are 20 Years Strong, and we couldn't have done it without your support--thank you!

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