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Help find a cure for diabetes!

Many diabetics have struggled to control their diabetes through healthy living and with the assistance of insulin. Now, the new University of Michigan Brehm Center for Diabetes Research, a leading diabetes research laboratory, is seeking a cure for all forms of diabetes: type 1, type 2, gestational, and pre-diabetes.

Researchers at this laboratory have focused their efforts on two main components of understanding and stopping diabetes. First, they aim to prevent the loss of insulin-secreting cells by understanding how the cells function, survive, and produce in response to metabolic demand. By slowing or stopping the loss of these cells, solutions based on this research might prove able to stop the development of diabetes. Second, they are researching how to regenerate new insulin cells from other types of cells. Effective cell replacement therapies could provide relief to patients suffering from advanced forms of diabetes.

You can help. Your donation will allow researchers to make progress towards understanding early phases of diabetes and developing effective cell therapy for patients.

The University of Michigan Brehm Center for Diabetes Research is focused on finding a cure for diabetes sooner rather than later. At the center, an interdisciplinary group of world-renowned scientists are working as a team to translate high-level research into new therapies for patients. Exciting progress is underway, with research focused on all aspects of diabetes and its complications.

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