Save Street Dogs with the First Mobile Clinic


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Help fund the first mobile clinic to save the lives of Armenia's street dogs.

From 2010 to 2018, the only mechanism used for regulating the high population of stray animals in Armenia was killing. As a solution, the local municipality would hire hunters who toured in the streets and shot at dogs, in many cases leaving the bodies lying in the streets. Quite often they shot animals which had owners or were taken care of by the area residents. partners with Dingo Team to provide urgent help to stray animals in Armenia by providing them with a mobile clinic. The main goal is to implant a culture of pet adoption and offer reasonable solutions to the overpopulation problem to lower the number of homeless animals. With this clinic, the hope is for the number of stray dogs to decrease, to develop the society by rescuing stray animals, and by educating vets in the region for future mobile clinic programs. 

You can help.  Just $2 can help with treatments and vaccinations needed for a stray dog. You can help homeless dogs gain a brighter future.

DINGO TEAM is the first animal rescue mission to provide urgent help to stray (homeless) animals in Armenia. We also promote the culture of adopting stray animals and put enormous efforts into finding proper housing for a vast number of dogs and cats. Dingo is dedicated to animal welfare, and has taken on an important role of helping homeless animals and educating the population of Armenia about these issues.

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