Winter Storms - Help Freezing People and Animals Now


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URGENT: People, pets, and wildlife affected by deadly winter storms across the U.S. need your help.

Thanks to a generous $10,000 donation from Tito's Handmade Vodka, we're sending cash grants to people, pets, and wildlife on the ground who need it most. But support is still needed. If you are able to contribute, please give to help those affected during this crisis.

Days of snow and ice storms crippled the power grid and left millions without electricity and heat last week. In Texas alone, more than 3 million individuals and businesses went days without power, while over 14.4 million residents of Texas—half the state's population—experienced disruptions in water service, lacking safe access to potable water.

As a final round of freezing temperatures strikes, people and animals are literally freezing. Pipes in some buildings without heat are bursting and causing leaks, resulting in property damage, and other facility impact. Animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers are struggling to keep thousands of homeless pets and injured animals warm enough to survive until power resumes. With your help, Greater Good Charities stands ready to respond.

Your donations will directly fund disaster response efforts, helping people, pets, and wildlife where it’s most needed. Your gift will help provide:

  • hunger relief for families without power
  • generators to give emergency power to pet shelters and wildlife centers
  • insulating bedding and shelters for pets and wildlife
  • pet food for homeless pets in need
  • veterinary medical support funding for injured or affected pets and wildlife
  • emergency cash grants to groups impacted

YOUR support is urgently needed. Every dollar allows us to act swiftly to respond to help those in need—and they need you now. Time is of the essence. We must act quickly. Donate now. 

Your Donations In Action

Thanks to your generous gifts so far, Greater Good Charities has already distributed several emergency grants and is reviewing requests for additional support to be provided in the coming days. Grants include:

  • Houston Humane - $10,000 cash grant thanks to Tito’s Vodka and The Animal Rescue Site to care for pets injured or affected by the storms, as well as a truckload of pet food courtesy of PetSmart Charities and bedding and crates thanks to The Animal Rescue Site
  • Big Sky Ranch - $5,000 cash grant to care for exposed animals and purchase straw/bedding to keep them warm and a truckload of Purina® canned cat food and blankets from The Animal Rescue Site
  • Food Bank of Rio Grande Valley - $60,000 cash grant to provide 15,000 emergency food packs (over 240,000 meals) for families without access to food and water
  • Austin Pets Alive – emergency truckload of wet cat food thanks to Purina®
  • Brazoria SPCA – emergency truckload of wet cat food thanks to Purina®
  • Humane Society of Tulsa - emergency truckload of 43 pallets of dog and cat food from Smucker’s®


100% of your Gift That Gives More™ donation will go as a charitable gift to Greater Good Charities. GreaterGood stores pay the credit card transaction fee, so every cent of your donation goes to charity.

Greater Good Charities has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of Greater Good Charities.

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